søndag den 3. oktober 2010

One more amazing weekend has passed. This month also happens to be jam-packed with a bunch of awesome shit. Can't wait. I have several new items I want to share with you guys, so I thought I might as well start today (more new arrivals will surface this coming week).
5 Preview tshirt (bought with a gift card from my birthday), Samsøe Samsøe tank, Chanel's Paradoxal.

Ps.- the Wang Rocco fund will be full November 1st!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love the tee! Such a lovely nail polish colour too! Im your newest follower :) xo

  2. Victoria India- Aww thanks, I've been looking forward to getting this T for a while. I knew I was probably going to get a gift card for my birthday, so I had picked out this tshirt a few weeks back. And yep, that nailpolish is pretty sweet :D

    Welcome and enjoy!

  3. love the t-shirt as well.
    the nail polish colour is great too.

  4. I love the nail polish!!


  5. Kelly- It's a pretty pimpin' tee eh?

    Marloes- Thanks, me too :D



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