onsdag den 2. marts 2011

A pretty exciting package arrived today. I can't wait to show you guys the contents.. But this will have to wait as a) the lighting obviously isn't good for pictures right now b) I'm checking out a stellar school tomorrow in Århus and probably won't have time.

But I do have something to show you guys now..
New sunglasses from Gina Tricot, new top from Envii, and my new piercing. Can you guys guess which one it is?

I've always liked piercings. Got my 1st one done when I was 12 (which is more than 7 years ago). I kind of stopped getting pierced around age 16 since the boyfriend I had at the time was against it. So.. Moral of the story? Don't listen to what others say, their opinion seldom matters- always live for yourself. And that's what I did today :)

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  1. I have thirteen piercings at the moment and have no idea what to get next. I haven't got your new one so might investigate that. I love the feel of being pierced, which is good because my sister owns a tattoo and piercing studio so I get mine done for free!!


  2. Kitoire- I currently have thirteen piercings right now as well (had 16, but have since taken them out for various reasons). If you're into the body mod scene, you should check this website out. It's a great place for piercing/tattooing inspiration, but they're also into more extreme things like suspension and what not.


    Personally, I hate the actual part where the needle pierces your skin (haha), I just really like the result. Oh man, I'm nearly thankful no one in my family owns a tattoo shop, that'd be dangerous for me :)

  3. SWEET! I love it! If I were to get another that would be it for sure. Its so discrete and pretty.

    Watch the nip slip in that shirt ;)

  4. Kan godt lide solbrillerne (:

  5. Kelly- Can totally understand that. But it hurts like a mofo, and I kind of plan on putting a large ring in it at some point :D

    Truc Ly- Årh tak :)



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