mandag den 6. september 2010

Ros Killz

I know it's 10 months away, but I'm already excited for Roskilde. I'm going with a bunch of friends, and that alone, means it's going to be stellar. Though I also really hope the names are good too (as far as my musical taste goes, this years line up BLEW). I know I'm going to have to invest in a few sweaty items for the festival.

Blond body, Levis cut offs, Hunter rainboots, Wang Diego Bucket.

This, plus a pair of black thigh socks and a pair of Ray Ban Aviators would be perfect (maybe not the most practical in terms of getting mud on a 5000kr bag..  but you know..).

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  1. I really like your blog! Please take a look at mine (:
    - Hope you want to follow me back!


  2. hvor er bodyen skøn :)
    ELSKER desuden hunter gummirøjserne ;D


  3. Ja, den body er pisse lækker. Fik den desværre ikke købt da den var i butikkerne, så må finde noget lignende! Og ja, skal fandme ha' skaffet mig et par af de lækkrer gummistøvler :D

  4. AHH! i would be too terrified to gamble getting an expensive bag like that dirty.
    Woman, you need to find yourself a rich man and you can have EVERYTHING on this list.
    That or become a millionaire yourself. And give some money to your cool cousin.

  5. Kelly- Weeeeellll.. rich man = not likely. I apparently am always attracted to poor musicians who don't know how to handle money? Hahaha.. But at the same time, if you buy something and you don't use it much because you're to afraid something will happen to it, you shouldn't buy it! :)

  6. Thank you for your commi.
    I like your blog, i follow, hope you too. ;)

    greets from germany :)

  7. Hi!Thanks for your coment!I M a new follower,I hope that become my follower too!Kisses!

  8. Årrrh, perfekte Roskilde items!! Jeg havde helt glemt hvor meget jeg glæder mig til næste år, men tak for påmindelsen :D

  9. Isabella- No problem, hope you enjoy the blog :)

    Ariadne- Welcome :)

    Zille- Årh selvfølgelig :D



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