fredag den 12. november 2010

I didn't manage to get an actual outfit shot today, my apologies. Here's what I did manage though..
Zara leather vest, Community hoodie, Won Hundred jeans

When I read other blogs, I'm reminded of how little I actually share with readers (and randoms alike). Sure, I touch on some tough subjects here and there, but I'm pretty vague (unless who ever reading it is close to me, then obvioulsly they know exactly what I'm talking about). I sometimes feel other bloggers out there, go into too much detail.

There's a fine line between sharing your life in a way that won't come back to bite you in the ass and one that will. In most regards, I am open. I mean, I basically post pictures of myself and what I'm wearing on a daily basis! And as contradictory as this will sound, I don't actually like people knowing too much about me. Therefore I often speak of slightly unimportant things that I do, rather than share my thoughts and feelings.

I'm really busy. I have a full-time job. I get home late, I have two days off every week (if even that), and I'm often tired. And when I finally do have time off, I try to cram as much good shit in as I can. And when I say "good shit", I'm referring to hanging out with friends, partying and hanging out with the man. It's seldom I am completely alone. I'm still adjusting to this new lifestyle, and I know now, that I should really be more careful; I don't want to burn out just yet.

Tomorrow will good. I finally have Saturday off (without having asked for it). I plan on getting up late, making breakfast with my awesome neighbours, going to the woods with the man and Sufjan (my dog), making lists for Christmas presents, and going out in the evening. Aaaaahh.. sleeping in will be delightful.

Anyway, this is just a jumble of random thoughts I decided to share on a Friday evening. I have one last thing to share with you guys.. Look what I picked up today:
Yep.. A pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers! Better pictures will surface before the weekend comes to a close. Good weekend to you all (and welcome to the new readers).

5 kommentarer:

  1. Tak for kommentaren på min blog mht. ringen . :)

    Hvor har du købt din? det ikke sådan at guld farven forsvinde - købte nemlig et Marc Jacob armbånd som er blevet en grim rødlig farve ! :(

  2. Hej Liselotte :)

    Jeg købte min i Paris Texas. Og jo, må desværre sige den ikke holder forever. Guld farven har falmet inde i selv ringen og udenom (dog ikke ovenpå ringen, hvis du forstår). Det er selvfølgelig ret træls, især når det ikke ligefrem er et billigt køb eller fra et "billigt" mærke.

    Men er stadig utrolig glad for min ring og bruger den flittigt. Håber jeg kunne hjælpe lidt :)

  3. Elsker dine solbriller! Har selv et par i størrelse 2132, men vil gerne have nogle med lidt større glas, sådan lidt a la dine. :) Hvilken størrelse har dine?

  4. C.- Tak skal du have! Mine er vist nok 2140. Håber det hjælper :)

    Kelly- Yeah I know eh!



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