lørdag den 6. november 2010

Just like everyone else in Denmark, I am completely haggard after yesterday's festivities. Just got home from work and a nap is defintely fitting. Here are a few pictures..

7 kommentarer:

  1. you have such a awesome blog! =)

  2. Ninna- Awww thanks. Nice to know at least one person out there enjoys my madness! :D

  3. looking good, as always :)

    I love the colour of your nails. Yeah, I know that's random.

  4. I love your blog!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you like it...follow me!I wait you and your tips!Kiss Kiss ^^

  5. You take very beautiful pictures :-D

    /Rikke Modekolibrien.dk

  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments :)



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