fredag den 9. juli 2010

Rarely there

In the questionnaire I was tagged in, there was a question regarding my bathing suits. I've posted quite a few pictures of my H&M bathing suits, but I thought I should post a couple pics from yesterday's activities.

In the pictures below, I'm wearing my beloved American Apparel one-piece. Despite the fact that it was purchased more than two years ago, it's still one of my favourites (due to it's unusual colour and sweet cut) and the quality (and colour) has lasted. And, I've worn it in ocean water, chlorine water and washed it countless times. A good purchase indeed! AA still carries this model in an array of colours and patterns.

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  1. You look So great !
    I would love to follow your blog ! Would you follow mine ?

  2. Aww thanks! Sweet, I'll check out your blog too :)



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