mandag den 5. juli 2010

Time flies

Life has been hectic in the most lovely of ways. I've been busy doing, well.. not much. I've been sleeping in, lounging about, going to the beach, enjoying this insane weather (it was 43 degrees with the humidex today!), drinking lots of bubbletea and lemonade, swimming in sweet ass pools, watching sick movies and hanging out with my awesome family. Life couldn't be better.

I will try to start regularily updating again- it's just that when ever I sit down with my computer, it's primarily only to quickly check my hotmail, facebook and the blog. And I never have time to write an actual post. But I'm writing one now (yay, points for me). This post is mostly going to consist of pictures.. Friends and family (plus my boif) have been taking tons of pictures, so you should all be prepared. Rather large amounts of pictures will surface throughout my time here in Canada.
An awesome day at the beach (pretty rad picture too eh). Wearing one of my lovely H&M bathing suits.
At my aunts place for a barbecue. Wearing Dixie hat, Wilfred top, Samsøe Samsøe dress and new bangle.

A great day spent in the pool. Wearing another H&M bathing suit.

I hear the weather in Denmark is great right now. Hoping everyone is enjoying it :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Heeey, hvad størrelse er din hat? :)
    Overvejer at købe den samme..

  2. Det er vist en str. 55 eller 56, men den er en smule stor. Jeg ville sige go for at du skal købe den, er simpelthen blevet såååå glad for min :)

  3. Okay :) Tror jeg napper den i small så..
    Ja, synes den ser så fin ud! Det er meget rart, så man ikke bliver så varm i knolden :D

  4. Ja nemlig. Og den gir bare lidt ekstra til ethvert outfit :)



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