onsdag den 28. juli 2010

All good things must come to an end

So.. I'm back home. The trip was long and grueling.. I'm so relieved that I had someone with me on the trip, otherwise it would have been pure torture. I have a couple of pictures to share, a few outfit pictures from Canada that have yet to surface. All the other Canada-buys will surface throughout the next few weeks I believe. And welcome to the new readers!
Wearing.. Dixie hat, Samsøe Samsøe sweater, Wilfred tank, Garage pants, Second Female necklace.
Wearing.. Wilfred top, Garage pants, Gestuz bracelet, vintage clutch.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Uuuuuuh, gorgeous!
    Welcome back ms. hotstuff- looking forward to seeing more Canadian pics ;-)
    /xxx Nete

  2. Ms Confashion- aww thanks! More will defintely surface :)

  3. Love the first outfit (I have already commented on the second in person).

    It's weird, when you're in Denmark your pictures feel very different. Almost like you're not you, but you are... It's WEIRD. Not bad weird, just disconnectingly weird.
    Maybe it's just cuz I miss you? :(

  4. Yeah, these pictures are more realistic to you since you saw me irl in the outfits. I totally get what you mean. I miss you too, this sucks :(

  5. I love your lace top, it's so feminine !
    Thx for visiting my blog, I feel inspired by yours ! :)

  6. Anna Maria- Aww thank you :)

  7. FED FED FEEED BLOG! hyggeligt at følge med - og tak for en masse inspiration :)

  8. Gowry- Årh tak for det. Det glæder mig at høre :)



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