torsdag den 22. oktober 2009

Be mine

If there is one bag that not only is classic and a good investment, but also relatively affordable, it's the Mulberry Bayswater bag. I truly don't believe this awesomeness is going to go "out of style". Ever. It's not the official dream wish bag of mine, but I sure do want it! Maybe it's time to start saving up? It just seems like it would be one of those perfect wardrobe staples that could go on living (and thriving) in my closet for years.

This baby could be more expensive if you want the ostrich skin version. But I prefer this classic version, especially when you don't have shit tons of money to spend. This is a much more safe buy.

But loooook at it! The structure is classic, the leather is soft and it matches everything. Everything in my wardrobe would love to have this as an outfit addition. I want you..

This fantastic classic could be yours for 4810kr (circa). Yep, time to start saving up!

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