tirsdag den 27. oktober 2009

Dresses dresses dresses!

I absolutely loves this dress (on the left). I haven't seen anything like it, and I can't deny my love of tiedye making a comeback! I would probably wear it exactly as shown in the picture, with my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and with leggings. I also love the necklace shown in the picture, but I would probably wear other shoes. This baby is by Uma Jane for 568kr. A very reasonable price.

The black dress (on the right) is what I would call the epitomy of sex. I wish I didn't have any hips and that I could pull this off! I'm just scared that if I did buy it, it may not fit how I wanted it to..But damn, it's nice! This dress can be found on asos.com for 480kr, again a very reasonable price.

This dress on the left would be the coolest everyday dress. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who go on "fairly affordable" sites and of course, fall in love with the ones that are the most expensive. Fack! I still haven't quite made up my mind about sculptured shoulders. I don't exactly like the 80's when it comes to its fashion contributions. But I think this dress is done in a tasteful way. Seen on asos.com by Illionaire Intentions for 1398kr. Much more than I can afford (or want) to pay for a dress!

Yet again, another dress the reaks of sex. There is something very alluring about that cut-out. But again, it's one of those dresses you need to try on before purchasing. And as far as I can tell, the quality may not be fantastic? It looks like very thin material..either way, it's still hot. Seen on asos.com for 612kr by Aqua Couture.

This blue addition also by Aqua Couture is another dress I defintely would invest in without thinking twice. The colour is vibrant, a nice contrast to the often-seen black and gray winter pallet. I don't own anything in this colour, and I would wear it to parites, but also for everyday use. I love the length. I mean, the dress itself isn't exactly sexy, but the length adds that bit of slut I'm looking for. Haha. Seen on asos.com for 743kr.

When December rolls around, I think I'll be doing my first ever online shopping. The tiedye and blue dress are on the top of my wishlist and if you're going to invest in a few colourful pieces, why not do it during the winter while everyone else is running around in dark colours?

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