onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Urban Outfitters

When visiting the actual Urban Outfitters store in Copenhagen, I seldom find what I am looking for. The style there is very hippie/bohemian and that's not exactly "my thing". But when I surf their online store, I cringe at the fact that you can't order online to DK. They have great things in between the floral insanity and one brand that I am particularily happy with is Silence+Noise. I was lucky enough to pick up a S+N jacket while in London.

This black slouchy bag would do me wonders. I love the gold details and I also like how you can wear it as a long bag, or remove the strap. Seen on Urban Outiftters's online store for 45 £. A price I would gladly pay if only I could buy it in the Copenhagen store!

These amazing boots by See by Chloe would perfect my winter shoe wardrobe! They're chunky and durable, and would make a perfect contrast to skinny jeans and a feminin top. Unlike the bag, the price isn't budget-friendly and if you want to own these suckers, you're going to have to take a bank loan to the tune of 365£.

This Silence + Noise dress would be perfect for New Years. It's sexy without being vulgar. I would probably wear my hair in a tight bun, apply some bright red lipstick and wear a pair of loud heels. Then I would be ready to go! Unfortunately, I prefer real leather. But then again, the fact that it's not real, lowers the price considerable. I can never win! Haha..could be yours for 48£.

I am in love with this sweater. I also think the styling on the picture is spot on. I would pretty much wear it exactly as shown. I am into the stripes and the length of the sleeves. Plus, I am a sucker for dark colours... Be mine please! For just 42£ I could hop right into this winter wonder...

I wouldn't mind jumping right into this black jacket. I would wear this with a long pair of leather gloves to add a bit of femininity (and warmth!). Seen on the Urban Outfitters online store for 110£.

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