søndag den 1. august 2010

Into place

I've been busy with friends the last few days. I love Canada (and my family) to death, but in some ways, it's nice to be home. Not only did I miss my good friends here, I also missed my parents and most importantly, my dog. Damn, I love my dog

I picked up a pair of jeans and a top one of the first days back. Yep, back to my old ways. Though, both items were considerably inexpensive, which makes my guilt less prominent. I still have quite a few purchases from Canada that have yet to appear on my blog. One of the items is in the picture below, with the two new Danish purchases:
Wilfred floral skirt, Won Hundred jeans (can't have enough of those!), H&M top.

A shot from one of my latest evenings out:
Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am right now! :)

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