torsdag den 9. december 2010

Dear Santa (aka boyfriend), I wouldn't mind if you brought me any of the below items. I made sure they were (sort of) within a reasonable price range. All the information you need to get a hold of these items, is listed below. In advance, thank you.
Clockwise from left- Top by Wildfox in an xsmall can be purchased on for 600kr, dress by Samsøe Samsøe in an XS can be purchased on for 500kr, striped shirt by Wood Wood in a small can be purchased on and jacket by Topshop in an 8 can be purchased on for 130£ (ca. 1156kr).

7 kommentarer:

  1. I wouldn't mind santa getting me that top from Wildfox either...

  2. Cecilia- It's pretty sweet eh. That's probably what I want most on this list!! :D

  3. Kelly- Hahaha I know :D I'm awesome like that.

  4. Jeg elsker jakken!! Den er virkelig flot med det snit :)

    /Charlotte Amalie

  5. Julia- Tak, synes jeg også :)

    Glitter Amalie- Ja, det er nemlig det jeg faldte for :)



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