tirsdag den 28. december 2010

My life is pretty shitty right now. I've got the flu and I'm sick as fuck. I somehow managed to make a trip to Århus yesterday though.. Seeing these stellar items in action will have to wait. I'm pretty much trapped in my house and will be for the next few days..
Sweater and tank by Acne.

I feel I've gotten much better when it comes to sale shopping. I'd rather buy 3 more expensive items as opposed to 7 items, as experience tells me I'll be more happy with my purchases in the long run. I also bought one more fabulous item, though it wasn't on sale. Oh well, can't win them all. Here's a teaser..
I don't think anyone will be able to guess what's hidding in the bag. It's not something I've blogged about, but it's pretty sick ass regardless.

Hoping everyone out there is feeling better than I am!

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