søndag den 19. december 2010

I fear I'm getting a little sick. And stressed out. I'm now looking even more forward to a week of vacation. Sure, it's going to hurt the wallet come January, but sometimes you have to think what's best for yourself and figure out what you need, and if that makes you 3400kr poorer, then so be it.

My day off yesterday was alright- I managed to do a bit more Christmas shopping, but unfortunately, I'm still not finished. Also, I wasn't nearly as productive as hoped. But regardless, I still had a good day. Here's a snap from yesterday..
I'm still in love with my cream-coloured Samsøe Samsøe sweater. It's so cozy and warm. Sure the pricetag was hefty, but hey, the mileage makes up for it.

Last Sunday's advent present was the below item. These sorts of knick knacks are going to fill my own space one day. I can't wait to move out, become independant and decorate en entire apartment- the latter is the one I'm most looking forward to (surprise!). The new jewellery stand is nicely displaying my newly acquired feather earrings from Gina Tricot (ps- the Gina Tricot store has finally opened here in Kolding, but I'm not impressed. The selection of clothing isn't very good and the quality of the clothing is terrible. Not a place I'll be spending too much money, which is probably a good thing either way).
Jewellery stand from Sinnerup- 129kr

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