torsdag den 9. december 2010

I have a fabulous weekend ahead of me and I'm stoked. Three days in Århus will be had, but unfortunately, no shopping for me. Boo.

I plan on tons of snuggling, a bit of partying, going to see Harry Potter and making yummy Christmas treats. I just want to get my shift tomorrow over with so I can get on the road with this mini vacation. Hope everyone else has a nice weekend too :)

Here's a quick snap of what I was wearing today. Threw on these white Cheap Monday jeans.. They're not the most flattering jeans you can wear, but damn I love 'em either way.
Blazer- H&M, scarf- Rosie and the roses, jeans- Cheap Monday, arm cuff- H&M, bag-wang.

And here's a close up shot of my new arm cuff from H&M Divided

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