fredag den 17. december 2010

Ok soooo.. I have the day off tomorrow (which I'm thoroughly looking forward to by the way). My day will include sleeping (a tiny bit) in, last minute Christmas shopping, picking up the Christmas tree, cleaning my room, painting my nails, taking some not shitty pictures for les blog, and possibly going out with a girlfriend. I need to dance. And rave. And be silly.

But for now.. here's a shitty picture for you all.
This is the second sweater from Envy I've bought this month. It's a fairly new brand (which can be purchased in Samsøe Samsøe) around town, and it's pretty inexpensive too. I only gave 450kr for this baby, it's comfortable and the quality floats my boat as well. Hurrah.

Also, notice my sad attempt at incorporating old items into my wardrobe.. Those Pieces leggings fit like shit. Not happening again.

3 kommentarer:

  1. love your outfit.
    i follow your blog, do you want to follow my blog to?

  2. Ira- Yep, defintely was cozy!

    Maria- Thanks for following :)



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