onsdag den 2. februar 2011

I stayed home today, really felt like shit. But, I'm feeling a lot better now, so let's hope it continues going up-hill. I would prefer to be fresh as fack for Fashion Week!

So this is what I do when I'm bound to my couch with illness...
That's right! I'm getting all photoshop savy. And it seriously rocks my world- who knew photo editing was this easy? And how many pictures have I given up on, "just because" the lighting was bad? This shit can fix anything! Though.. I still haven't managed to figure out how to remove pimples (haha). One thing at a time now.

Sleep tight blogging world.

4 kommentarer:

  1. photoshopping blemishes is easy-peasy! what version do you have? cs4 and cs5 do all the work for you. spot healing brush tool ftw!

  2. eeeeelsker det sidste billed!(-:


  3. Jane- Thanks for the tip, but as of right now, I'm photoshop handicapped and using Picasa 3. Hehe :)

    Anna- Årh du er sød!

  4. I really like youre nosepierc & love the blog




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