lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Tonight is going to rock pretty hard. I'm stoked. Here's what I wore today.
Wearing a new top from Silence & Noise bought during CFW, paired with new pants from Samsøe & Samsøe (it's hard to see in the above picture, but they're shiny and that's awesome) and my new Bianco clog boots (plus the standard Ray Bans and Alexander Wang Rocco).

Here's a close-up of my Bianco clog boots.
Have a freakin' awesome night everyone. And welcome to the new readers :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Det er virkelig en fed top :-)

  2. Skønt outfit! Elsker printet på toppen, og Bianco støvlerne er super lækre ;-)

  3. Love the top!
    looks like the snow's gone in DK.
    Jealous. Ugh.

  4. Tak for kommentaren! Elsker din stil, den er super fed! Især din Alexander Wang, den er to die for! Jeg er fast læser på din blog nu!

    www.amandabloggin.blogspot.com x

  5. J'adore- Tak, er også rigtig glad for den :)

    NLR- Mange tak :)

    Kelly- We just got snow last night so.. I think you jinxed it for us! Damn snow..

    Amandabloggin- Mange tak! Jeg håber du vil nyde bloggen fremover også :)



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