tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

So.. the exciting news? I'm off to Copenhagen Fashion Week Friday morning! I'm going with two stellar people, Thomas and Oline. We've got various after-parties planned, along with the Henrik Vibskov show. I can't wait to show you guys some visuals after the weekend has come to a close.

Anyhow, here are a few shots the fabulous Thomas took of me today..
Yep, looking a tad haggard today. Wearing my new, purple Envii top. Pretty much love the understated colour and the cut of the top (though hard to see clearly in this picture, I know). Worn with my Wilfred silk blazer, Blond tube scarf, Wang Rocco, and Bianco boots.

5 kommentarer:

  1. lovely blog ! I will defenitely follow this <:

  2. rewing and play again- Thanks :)

  3. Du er sød line bare så sød!

  4. Thomas- Jamen altså, du er skam lige så sød, hvis ikke sødere! Og så er du også herlig <3

  5. i luuurve the colour of your top.



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