torsdag den 10. februar 2011

So, blogland was filled with pictures of these colourful cupcakes a few months back. I decided then, that I would have to try one of these so-called Agnes cupcakes when I had a chance to. CFW meant the perfect opportunity. Let me tell you the story with visual aid..
Posing with my dark and white chocolate Agnes cupcake
Preparing to devour my Agnes dark and white chocolate cupcake
Devouring my Agnes dark and white chocolate cupcake

Verdict: The taste in itself was good. The chocolate crumble was quite perfect. Aestetically pleasing as well. But, the icing was too heavy (though I do realize that this makes the cupcake that much more visually arousing, kind of ironic huh). And I'd say a tad too much sugar.

I'll have to try another flavour next time (because, you know, despite the fact that there was too much icing, I'll obviously be visiting this eatery again. Duh).

Photocredit- Oline

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  1. Even I think that it's a tonne of icing. I think my tastebuds would explode of sugar overload... and this is me we're talking about...

  2. Twas a bit of a sugar-overload. Hah :)



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