lørdag den 12. december 2009


I so desperately wish they had an Aritzia store here in DK. Well, actually, I don't. Then everyone would be running around in their fabulous clothes. Let me rephrase my wish: I wish Aritzia had an internet shop where I could buy my favourite brands; Wilfred, TNA and Talulah... But alas, they don't.

Thank god they've updated their internet site and I can at least see some of their styles. Then I can get Kelly (my cousin and best friend) to send me stuff for Christmas :)

I cannot wait to wear you, in beige and black! Hope the fit is alright though...OOOOH, gotta go, I have to get ready for the Christmas party!

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  1. :D I hope they fit you well too, if not, bring back the beige one and I can refund it and get you something else from me and my motherrr.

    And I'm sure the fit will be very flattering on you. You've got a bigger chest than me so it'll def. look hot!



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