tirsdag den 15. december 2009


Here's a little snap of what I wore today. I picked up a pair of pantyhose the other day, a lacey type thing. They weren't as awesome as I'd hoped, but they're ok and will have to do until I find another pair..

I'm wearing an MbyM tube dress (used as a skirt), black American Apparel shirt thing over it, pantyhose from H&M, Blond bracelet (with gold studs :D), and Second Female necklace. And notice the bright nailpolish!

I picked up another Blond bracelet, exactly like the one with studs, but this one has gold studs. OH, and my plain leather one without studs from Blond got FUCKING STOLEN. Thanks a lot you asshole, hope you burn in hell for your sins!

Ok sorry, I needed to get that out. I'm just so pissed, I loved that bracelet, and it was perfect since it matched everything! Here's to hoping I can find it again. Here's a shot of the new one with gold studs...

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  1. Damn girl, you look hot in that outfit. Honestly. I wish...



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