mandag den 14. december 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows I basically never leave the house without nailpolish. I hate my hands/fingers, and wearing nailpolish makes them a bit nicer/more festive. Plus, this way you can add colourful details to any outfit (esp. considering I wear a lot of black/grey/white). I picked up a few colours on the weekend..

Depend nailpolish is pretty awesome. It's inexpensive, there are about a million fun colours to chose from and the application is quite nice. I picked up these 3 colours..a grey colour (just because I didn't have grey nailpolish), a vibrant pink (that I thought was orange-red and am a little disappointed that it's not) and a matte purple.

25kr at your local Matas :)

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  1. eeeeelsker depend neglelak :-)
    den grå har jeg også selv, og er vildt glad for den!

    - tanna



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