mandag den 10. januar 2011

Just like everyone else in blogland, I'm stoked about the new Elin Kling + H&M collaboration collection, though info on the net is saying it's only going to be released in Sweden. What the fuck. Oh well, then I'll save those pennies.

The Bad Boy has landed! Check out my new cellular gadget:
I know, I know, not the newest item on the market, but I've wanted this phone for 1½ years now (since the E71) and it's a nice alternative to the uber svelt Blackberry, which I by no means can get a hold of around here.

I also bought this Asos bracelet yesterday:
The only picture I could find was the above collage from since the bracelet has gone out of stock since yesterday. Pretty stoked about getting it in the mail, see how it fits and all.

And here's a bit of me for good measure :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I love the bracelet from weekday :-) Your blog is so inspiring. I followed you, maybe you want to follow me too? :-)

  2. Yasemin- Yeah the bracelet is pretty tight. Thank you, hope you enjoy the blog :)

  3. sweet bracelet and phone.
    I want a new phone and i've only had mine a year.

  4. Love the cuff and the picture of you

  5. Kelly- But your phone is awesome!

    NRC- Thank you :)



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