torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Quickly got this shot of myself before heading out the door. On Thursdays, I have to dress especially laid-back as we get our new shoes delivered, which means a lot of practical work with dusty, dirty boxes. Jesus my back aches..
Community hoodie, Bik Bok jean vest, Cheap Monday pants.

Spotted this cute, cropped sweater at H&M yesterday. The price is 179kr if anyone out there is interested.. I'm trying to save my pennies for next month, which includes a pretty sweet trip to Copenhagen with a couple friends and a pair of Acne shoes, sooo.. I'm going to have to pass this up.

4 kommentarer:

  1. tak for kommentaren på min blog, jeg er helt vild med din blog! -jeg følger!! x

  2. annahanghoej- Det var da så lidt. Håber du vil nyde bloggen :)

  3. love this jumper! thanks for your comment, i did actually get the blackberry ages ago, its broken, like all of them do, you should be glad you didnt get one lol! now following :) x

  4. harrietalice- I know, it's a really cute jumper eh. Oh shit, sorry, didn't realize it had broken.. now I'm really happy I didn't get one! :)

    Thanks, hope you enjoy the blog :)



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