torsdag den 28. april 2011

I was pretty darn lucky yesterday- I even got to choose some clothing. I'm already completely and madly in love with the jacket. It's pretty close to perfect! The jeans were also picked out yesterday, and I'm really into the baggy look they have. Those who read the blog regularily, know, that I'm not one to stray from the skinny jean very often. But these are really great- the cut fits perfectly with the dark, "messy" wash the jeans have.

To "tighten up" the look, I put my hair into a tight ponytail and wore statement lipstick.
 American Apparel scrunchie, Rütme leather jacket, Wilfred tank, Rütme jeans, Bianco shoes (the jacket and jeans are from Rütme's Xmas 2011 collection).

For more pictures and behind-the-scenes on the shoot, click here
Picture of myself and the seriously sweet Stine who was the make-up artist yesterday. Picture borrowed from Rütme's blog.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I'm SO excited to see the final product! You look beautiful!!!

  2. You look amazing -fedt at du allerede er vild med tøjet :-)


  3. Tak for din kommentar på min blog! UNDSKYLD jeg opdager det først nu...
    PS. fed tøj :)

  4. Så fedt søde - glæder mig sindssygt meget til at se billederne og jeg er sikker på, at de er super flotte :)

  5. Kelly- Thanks! And me too :D

    RikkeCharlotte- Årh tak. Og det kan du tro jeg er!

    Emma- Hehe tak :)

    sille-c- Årh tak. Du er så sød :)



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