mandag den 11. april 2011

I've started packing for London- I leave Friday morning and cannot wait. I have a big purchase to make (I'll give you a hint- a replacement for my loved and lost Alexander Wang Rocco). It'll be nice to have a proper purse again.

Other than shopping, we have several plans. Visiting markets, being all touristy, drinking lattes, consuming chic raw food, and so on. It'll be nice to get away a bit, enjoy myself in the company of one of my closest friends, and blowing pounds any way I desire.
Acne jacket, new Second Female sweater, new Lasse Balschmidt booties (love the chunky heel).

I'm finally able to wear my beloved Acne jacket. Welcome Spring, welcome! You're well received.

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  1. S A R A- Mange tak!

    Mette- Er også rigtig glad for den. Er endnu mere glad for, at vejret er blevet godt nok til, at jeg rent faktisk kan bruge den udenfor igen :)



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