søndag den 24. april 2011

Just like everyone else in Blogland, I'm crazy about the weather we've been enjoying. As I promised, here's a shot of what I wore yesterday to my dad's birthday. Had an awesome night out with my brother.. Should I hit the streets again tonight?
 Gina tricot earrings, Samsøe & Samsøe dress, Won Hundred vest (my favourite way to wear this piece, is as a dress), Won Hundred shoes, YSL ring, Alexander Wang bag, and my new pink/purple lipstick from MAC.

And now for a few shots from town..

6 kommentarer:

  1. this outfit is great! you're so pretty. we've been getting great weather in london too :)



  2. Great outfit :) very pretty!!!

  3. Kan ikke lade være med at lure din blog. God stil altså!


  4. Kitoire- Thank you for the kind words. And yes, the weather in London was absolutely fabulous last weekend (I was in London last weekend, hehe).

    Kelly- Spanks :)

    Michelle- Det er jeg rigtig glad for at høre!

  5. Great style and outfit :-) and the weather are amazing :-)

  6. Du ser absolut FAB ud søde :)



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