lørdag den 2. april 2011

I wasn't really supposed to spend 1500kr on a pair of shoes (seeing as I have a trip to London coming up), but they're perfect. I love the knotted detail, the excessively chunky heel, and the fact that one is actually able to walk in them, helps as well.
Acne jean jacket, H&M striped shirt (from men's department), Samsøe jeans, Gina Tricot sunglasses and new Won Hundred footwear.

3 kommentarer:

  1. shiny legs! I'm a fan of the pants :)

  2. De er seriøst fantastiske! Hvor har du dog fundet dem henne? :-)

    Kh Marianne

  3. Kelly- They're pretty much my favourite pair of pants at the moment. I'm wearing them like.. every second day, if not more. It's kind of getting gross actually, haha.

    Doktor S- Mange tak, er virkelig også enormt glad for dem allerede. Jeg købte dem i Århus i Støy Munkholm :)



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