onsdag den 4. maj 2011

I've been busy this week. Doing what? Can't really answer that myself actually. I do have a few pictures for you all. I've also started writing again. I've been through a whole hell of a lot these last few months, and at times, this can seem overwhelming, yes. But I forgot how nice it is to actually collect your thoughts and do something constructive with the things you're feeling.

I'm going to give you all a run-down of the last few days, mostly picture form. Here goes.
My good friend and I were out on Saturday. It was lovely. I wore my new maxi skirt from H&M as a dress. I paired it with loose, wavy hair and my orance lipstick.
Sunday was mostly spent sleeping. But my mom and I did manage to go for a bikeride and hangout in these awesome hammocks. I was wearing my Rütme leather jacket and Smuk shoes.
The last two pictures are from this evening. I went for a walk in the woods with my dad and Sufjan. It's so beautiful out there. I was wearing my new Nümph leather jacket, my Second Female sweater, and my mom's old sunglasses.

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