mandag den 3. maj 2010

I can see a lot of life in you

Life is still a bit on the downs, but on its way up. I have to say, I can't believe all the positive feedback I got from you guys in my time of need. It's so extremely comforting to be reminded that there are nice people out there, willing to lend a few words of concern. Can't explain how much it helped. You guys are awesome!

Today I'm being lazy, despite the fact that I have an exam tomorrow and should be stressing. I'm sitting in my lovely Acne sweater. My outfit today isn't really worth mentioning, so you'll have to do with pictures from the weekend. Here I am pondering Life's Big Question (in my Acne sweater):
I bought this lovely striped maxi dress from Second Female. Speaking of maxi dresses, I'll be receiving my two H&M maxi dresses tomorrow. Can't effin' wait.
I took advantage of the sale at Message- 15% off isn't that much, but if you're already wanting to buy something, might as well take the sale you can get. This is what I bought:
Simply couldn't resist the cut-out on the back, the tight fit, the shoulder pads and of course, the acid wash. I love acid wash. Can't have enough of it.

Hope everyone else out there is having an okay Monday..

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  1. LOVE the shirt you bought-the acid wash is awesome. But personally I cannot get over the shoulder pad thing.... hahaha

    And I very much love your acne sweater. The maxi dresses are neat too.

    Hope everything's ok on the other side of the pond :)

  2. Elsker din bluse på det nederste billede, hvor meget måtte du give for den? :)

  3. Kelly- thank you! Well, I'm usually not into the shoulder pad thang, but here they were so discrete that I thought I could pull it off :)

    I love my Acne sweater.. it's so comfy and looks good with everything! The maxi dress is really nice, but you can't take pbig steps :(

    Anna Sofie- Taak! Jeg gav 340kr da jeg fik 15%, så den koster 400kr :)

  4. fedt tøj! held og lykke med eksamen:)

  5. That maxi dress is fantastic. I only own one, but after seeing this post, I think I need more! haha

  6. Nina- Tak og tak :)

    Soph- Hehe, they're great. They basically fix any fashion crisis!

  7. Great title! Sufjan Stevens, right? Love the sweater and maxi dress too.


  8. den bluse har jeg også - den er fantastisk (:



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