torsdag den 6. maj 2010

Whos still around the morning after

Hey all. I know the blog has been a bit of a depressing read lately, but I'm feeling like things may be on their way up soon, so hurraaah for that! I completed my second math exam today- didn't go as well as yesterday, also just hoping to pass. We'll see.

Next week is also going to be hectic with exams, but I have several things to look forward to..

1) Being done school in 15 days, YEAH BABY.
2) Graduation parties! Can't wait.. good food, nice people and presents. Could it get any better?
3) I'm off all June. I'll be working here and there, but nothing much. This will be time for me to just relax, work on some issues, and figure out what's going to happen with my future.
4) Malta in 23 days! My dad, my brother and I are doing a 3 day trip which should thoroughly rock.
5) Canada in 53 days! It's soooo sooooon :D

As everyone can tell, I'm obsessed with stripes. I've basically been living in stripes the last many weeks, and this entire week, I've been living in my new brown S///Bar boots too. They're such a comfortable, great alternative to black, esp. since the weather is getting better (slowly, but surely!).

Vero Moda leather jacket, Acne sweater, Samsøe top used as a skirt, S///Bar boots, H&M ring.

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  1. You look so cozy in your scaft and leather jacket. haha I cant wait to see you in 53 days! And i really hope things are looking up for you :)

  2. Hvor ser du altså godt ud! Måske et mærkeligt spørgsmål, men hvor gammel er du egentlig? :)

  3. Hej Anna Sofie. Tak tak, og jeg er 18. Hva' da? :)

  4. Love the bag. And I'm nearly finished with school too!

  5. Hey honey thanks for you lovely comment :D Really apreciate it , your look is great love it , amazing blog I'll follow you ... Follow me ? Hope to see you soon :D
    Much Love MaryWhitney


  6. thank you for your sweet comment! i really like your style (:

  7. Thank you for all the compliments ladies! :)

  8. Ej, hvor jeg elsker din taske! Den er superfin :D hvor har du fundet den henne?

    Og jeg elsker desuden hele dit sæt; det ser utroligt hyggeligt ud og passer rigtig godt sammen. Jeg er lidt misundelig :)

  9. Marie-Louise: Tak. Jeg har faktisk arvet den af min morfar som brugte den da han arbejdede i flyvevåbnet, så tror desværre ikke der er mulighed for at finde sådan en nu :(

    Hehehe, jaaa, det er hvert fald behageligt at have på! :D

  10. Årh, æv! Jeg er lidt skuffet, for den er nemlig rigtig, rigtig fin! :D



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