mandag den 17. maj 2010

Into the navy yard

Once again, blogland has been taken by storm with yet another H&M collection.

I must admit, I much prefer this collection than the Garden collection. At the same time though, there isn't that much of the stuff I'm dying to own. These two pieces are the only ones I actually will try to get my hands on. And maybe some of the necklaces, but I'll need to see them IRL before I'm convinced of their quality.

These shorts would be absolutely PERFECT for my trip to Malta.. I love the bleached colour and the cut off effect. The jacket would just be perfect, period. But then again, I'm iffy on how the quality will be? It's not real leather, not at that price. But is it even supposed to be "leather-like"? We'll see!

Also.. before my trip to Malta can happen, I need to invest in some cute (and fucking seriously, ridiculously CHEAP) bathing suits. I have a feeling we'll be swimming in pools mostly, therefore I'd prefer to use cheap bathing suits as cholorine usually fucks shit up..

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  1. If you were in Canada, we could go and get Walmart bathing suits. Hahah
    And I do very much like the shorts and jacket. very cute. I am seriously depressed that there is no H&M in ottawa. its always got wicked stuff and I can't ever take advantage!

  2. Hello Line.
    Jeg købte den lækreste sorte badedragt med dyb nedringet ryg og en guldlynlås foran - den er så lækker og kostede kun 80 kroner i h&m (i centret). Jeg skal ha den på til fest med et par højtaljede bukser her på lørdag i hvert fald + bruge den hele sommeren.

  3. Kelly- For sure. We might as well still go to Walmart and empty their bathing suit department? Yeah, no H&M in Ottawa must really suck. I feel bad for you :(

    Mie- Hehe hat godt set den, dog har jeg haft kig på nogle bikinier! :D



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