tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

I'll be right beside you

My exam today went pretty well, but I never want to think too much about how it went because you never really know. Things are still up in the air. Stresss aaaahhh!

Got selected again on Stylegallery. At least one good thing has happened today. AND I also got my two lovely maxi dresses from H&M (I'm going to be living in them this summer) aaaannnddd I got my grad dress. It's perfect!
Here's a little picture of the day's outfit:
Wearing.. Weekday top, Won Hundred pants, S///Bar shoes, H&M ring.

5 kommentarer:

  1. glæder mig til at se studenterkjolen :)

  2. Kig lidt længere nede, så er der masser af billeder af galla kjolen :)

  3. looking good ;) You should get pictures of your grad dress! And make sure you take pictures of your maxi dresses too!

  4. Thank you, and oh I will ;)



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