torsdag den 27. maj 2010

Is about you

So I'm off to Malta tomorrow morning. I'm beyond excited- I really need this vacation, mentally and emotionally. The last month has been a whirlwind to say the least (and for you who actually read my blog, have probably noticed). Things are seemingly on their way up, for good this time now, so all I can do is hope.

I was downtown today, running a few errands before the trip. And.. of course, I couldn't resist buying one more bathing suit. H&M has its strengths, one of them is making bathing suits with sick prints for basically no money. It's awesome.
The sale at Message yesterday was fabulous. I picked up more than I had expected too (meaning I also spent more money than anticipated), but when a sale comes along, you should take advantage of it! Here's a little look at what was picked up...Shoes from Smuk, top from Blonde, tight high-waisted skirt from MbyM and hat from Dixie. I apologize for the effed up face :)

My man has a (relatively) new camera, which is pretty nice. He's been taking a lot of pictures lately, so pe prepared for a picture overload.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and I will return to blogging as soooon as I get home. And of course, I'll have tons of pictures to share.

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  1. Fede billeder ;-) Ha' en skøn tur til Malta, og glæder mig til at se billeder!

  2. why the ef are you so damn good looking. I really like the picture where you lok like you have dark hair. The colour is nice the hat iis also really cute haha

  3. those photos are aamazing.
    you're gorgeous.

    i hope you have a lovely time :)

  4. NLR- tak og skal nok nyde solen. Der kommer masser af billeder! :)

    Kelly- Thanks! :D

    Margg-Awww thanks. And I defintely will have a lovely time! :D

  5. very nice. :)
    you look amazing.

  6. Miss T- thank you and welcome to the blog :)

  7. Du skulle ta' at blive model :)
    Af ren nysgerrighed: Hvor høj er du? :)

  8. Signe- Årh hvor er du sød. Jamen er ikke særlig høj, ca 167-168 cm :)

    Laurent- thank you :D



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