tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

Troubled man, troubled stone

I'm almost done school. I cannot believe how quickly those three years passed.. it's odd to think about the way time progresses. Not only is it odd, but it's actually quite frightning. Is the rest of my life going to pass by this quickly as well? Fuck, I hope not. I like to pretend I won't get old, ever.

Anyhow, I've only got one exam left which is on Friday, then I get to take my lovely lil hat on. Though, what the fuck is up with having two days off? I'd rather have the last one tomorrow and be DONE.
I basically rolled out of bed today. Had an exam early and ended up going bed a little late last night. Hence the lack of creativty of my outfit. Basically had 10 minutes to get dressed. I have a new pair of wedges I have to show. Picked them up today after my exam.. they're going to be PERFECT for the upcoming weekend. This weekend is going to be crazy shit, non-stop partying and what not. Bring it on!
One last thing.. I want this jacket. I neeeeeed this jacket. Please Acne angel, spread your wings and deliver this jacket to me. Thank you.

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  1. Time does go by rediculously fast...and it's really difficult to sit back and think about. I've been at my university for 3 years now, which is incredibly nuts. I'll be done in less than 2 years.
    Have a good weekend once school is done. It's definitely a time to celebrate :)

  2. cute outfit...

    I really like that jacket too!!



  3. Kelly- It's a pretty scary feeling. Especially now since I have no fucking clue as to what is going to happen with my life next year..

    Bijou- Thank you! And yeah, that jacket would be perfect in my wardrobe :)



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