søndag den 23. maj 2010

School's out

FINALLY DONE! It's such a relief.. no more school for a very long time. Also, now I have time to relax and work on things. For those who are wondering, the reason I'm done so early is because the education I've just completed is called IB. It's an international gymnasium education (gymnasial uddannelse), where we are taught in English.

Studenterkørsel (driving around in the awesome flower power truck) was the most fun I have had in a long time. Now I'm just looking forward to getting my graduation presents, to have the graduation parties, and to be able to sleep in EVERY DAY.
Wearing my new and very lovely Won Hundred dress. More grad pictures will surface the coming week. Hoping everyone had as good a weekend as I did!

5 kommentarer:

  1. yay for being done school! I'm jealous!

  2. that truck is so fierce!

  3. Kelly- I feel for you :(

    Luckey- yeah, it was pretty INSANE!

  4. Those were the days :)
    Husker følelsen af at kunne smække måsen op i den truck der og bare vide at nu var det overstået!
    Tillykke med huen! :D

  5. Pretty Vegas- jaaa virkelig. Ved denne dag bliver noget jeg husker i land tid! Og tak for tillykke! De fleste i byen tror ikke engang på at jeg er blevet student.. det simpelthen for nedern, haha :D



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