lørdag den 12. juni 2010

As far as this goes

As far as posting goes, I've been slacking (duh). I've also gotten pretty lazy when it comes to taking daily pictures of what I'm wearing. But admitting something is the first step toward change! I've actually got quite a few new things to share..
Acne jacket, Urban Outfitters jeans, Dixie hat.
New net shirt from Vila, MbyM jacket, MbyM skirt, Chanel nails, and NEW HAIR.

The last picture is from Thursday. Hit up town pretty hard, it was fabulous (just what I needed). I also got some blonde streaks in my hair, freshen things up for summer you know. Anyhow, the net shirt from Vila is pretty effin' sweet if I do say so myself (only cost me 180kr!).
Have a good weekend everyone!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Elsker dit sidste outfit! Super super nice nettrøje (-:

  2. Anja- Mange tak :)

    Er også virkelig glad for den.. og til den pris! Det er bare skønt :D



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