tirsdag den 8. juni 2010

Slaps and Sticks

The Acne fairy has paid me a visit. Along with the Chanel fairy, the jewellery fairy and a bunch of other fairies. My graduation parties were a success. The food rocked, the weather rocked, the atmosphere rocked, the presents rocked and the drunken fools rocked. To sum up? It rocked. Check my new shit out below.

Earrings as a present from some lovelies yesterday. Bracelet from Malta. All the thin, silver bangles are intertwined to make one. It fuckin' rocks my world.
Dragon and Diabolic, two new Chanel shades I picked up with a gift card I received.
My new Acne jacket! Holy shit this jacket is going to be glued to my body.
Yet another new bodystocking (same print and make as the one with the zipper). I simply couldn't resist the print, I had to own this one as well. And.. I'm already pretty darn happy with it. Picked this one up in Århus.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Lucky girl, the fairies had great taste;)

  2. Hehe yep, I'm a lucky girl! :)

  3. Yo Woman. Your jacket will not go well here in Canada this summer. Unfortunately the weather will be much too hot ;)

    Otherwise, it's pretty sweet. and I like your new main blog picture. It's pretty fierce ;)

  4. lækre ting, jeg er vild med din jakke :-)

    har kigget lidt rundt på din blog og er meget imponeret. Du er virkelig, virkelig køn og din stil er skøn!

  5. Kelly- Awww damn. But, not even on chilly summer nights? I was really hoping the Canadian weather would disappoint, but I guess not! Fuck!

    Louise- Ja, er også selv vild med den, hehe :)
    Årh mange tak. Det var pænt af dig!

  6. Århh, fantastiske gaver. Tillykke! :)


  7. Sol- Ja, har været sindsyg heldig! :)



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