mandag den 7. juni 2010

Grilling and such

How come this town is filled with so many effing crazy people? In times like these, you have to keep your friends close. Those people who make you happy, those who give you hope in life, those who treat you well, those you can trust and depend on, those who can make you laugh.. those are the people that are worth your time.

And this evening, I'll be spending time with these certain people. Can't wait to have my house filled with all these great people, I'm lucky to have found you guys. Thanks for making my life worth while.
MbyM jacket, Zara shirt.

I know studs are "on their way out", but when I saw this jacket in Århus at a fraction of its original cost, I couldn't resist. And when you pay so little for something, it doesn't really matter if you don't end up wearing it all the time.

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