tirsdag den 22. juni 2010

New arrivals

I have some exciting news to share with you guys.. My parents got me a brand new, lovely little computer as a graduation present! I graduated (blev student fra gymnasiet) May 21st but first received the present a couple of days ago (because it was delayed). I really don't care that I first got the gift now, this is one awesome present (and completely unexpected too).
Meet my lovely Dell Vostro V 13 (AND my new Acne shirt, hard to see here, some better pictures will surface soon).

And.. here's a cute picture of Sufjan and I for good measure :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Cool blog, I love chocolate labs, you're so lucky - he's very cute! My camera has become my life too, much to the despair of my husband!! I really miss my grandma, we were very close! I never knew my great-grandma, you were lucky to have her in your life the time you did I guess, but that doesn't take away the pain, hope you feel better!

  2. Lulu Peddar- I am very fortunate to have such a loving, beautiful, and loyal dog! He lights up sad days..and thank you for your kind words regarding my great grandma :)

  3. Du er virkelig flot, Line :)

  4. Line & Trine- tak, det er dejligt at høre! Hvor er i søde :)



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