torsdag den 17. juni 2010

Pleasant surprises

I received a gift card that was slightly hard to use. I'll be purchasing the beautiful Acne dress next week, so I didn't want to spend more than what was on the gift card (trying to avoid a guilty conscience).

I stepped into Vero Moda with little expectation. Not that there is anything wrong with Vero Moda at all, it's just that I never shop there. But then I saw this dress hanging in the back of the store and I thought "that's it". And it was just "it". The quality is (obviously) not fantastic, but I'm thinking it will make for a cute going-out outfit and will look nice for an everyday look with a blazer. Meet my new black dress:
For 200kr, I'm pretty damn satisfied. I think I'll be wearing this baby tonight actually! And.. stay tuned. Samsøe is throwing a massive sale and I'm bringing some goodies home within the next few days :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. the dress is cute. very babydoll. I like how you wear the tights with it. looking good :)

  2. I know, that's what I thought. But the reason I wore black tights and boots with it, is because it IS very "cute", so I rough it up a bit :)



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