fredag den 4. juni 2010

Summer notes

Since my return from Malta, I've been buming it up in Århus. Lounging around in the garden, tanning, eating unhealthy food, and listening to sweet tunes.

The weather has been fabulous and I'm thoroughly enjoying this. I am so happy I brought my bathing suit along. While in Århus, I've made several purchases.. pictures will come soon! I'll leave you all with narcissistic overload of me pictures chilling like a villain. Annnd.. notice the awesome new shades :D
Bikini from H&M, bought at Smykkekælderen in Århus.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Luckey- thank you! I love it too :)

  2. dude. i think your boobs have possibly shrunk to my size in the first time of our lives. YESSSSS!!!!!

  3. Haha thanks for the AWESOME compliment there Kel. I'm sure Simon will agree with you. And yes.. they're pretty small now eh :D

  4. Hahaha it's more of a no-one-else-is-as-flat-chested-as-me so finally I have a partner in crime :)

  5. Hvad står der på din tatovering? (:


  6. Kelly- Haha I fuckin' hate you :)

    Sol- Jamen der står "Grandmama". Min mormor var fransk-canadisk og det var det vi kaldte hende :)



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