mandag den 14. juni 2010

Lazy ass Monday

I've had some seriously fun-filled days. Been bumming around, sleeping in, eating massive amounts of icecream (Ben & Jerrys of course), watched good movies, painted my nails, and so on. I'm loving all of this free time.
When I get some money in the bank, this so-called "feriepenge", I'm defintely purchasing this dress. I have come to realize that I simply cannot live a peaceful existence without it. This is what I looked like this weekend. I don't believe I've posted a picture wearing my new leather shorts, but here they are! Aren't they fucking awesome?!
Dixie hat, Topshop denim shirt, Samsøe white tank, vintage leather shorts, Smuk shoes.
I think I'll leave you all for now. I have some cookies and a couple of great movies waiting for me. And.. welcome to the new readers!

8 kommentarer:

  1. jeeej i know what you mean i also had these lazy days in my school holidays :D
    and the leather shorts are hot!!

  2. Mersel- hehe lazy days are the bomb! Thank you, I'm pretty pleased with the new wardrobe addition :)

  3. Awesome shorts! Awesome Ben & Jerrys! I love it:)

  4. hehe you would look like you weren't wearing ANY shorts if you did up your shirt ;)

    I see soof!

    and MM I LOVE ICE CREAM OMG. I have no idea why it has to be so damn good...

  5. virkelig fedt outfit, og der har vi jo skoene fra smuk (:

  6. Tanja- Thank you! I'm pretty happy about my new shorts. Can't wait til the weather improves and I can wear them all the time :)

    Kelly- Tis the truth.. hehe. Icecream has always been my favourite and you've always been a tad slow. Haha. I kid I kid, I love you and WILL SEE YOU SOON OMG.

    Rikke- Taaak, og ja, de sko er bare fantastiske :)

  7. Jeg har fået en sjov idé, en slags konkurrence/forsøg, som jeg tror du kunne være interesseret i at være med i :-)

    tjek indlægget ud på min blog:

    Send evt budskabet videre. :-) Det bliver sjovt.

  8. lol i love lazy days...
    cute dress, get it ;)



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