torsdag den 19. november 2009


Last year, I went to the neighbouring town to buy a winter jacket. There aren't that many clothing options in my town- if a cool jacket for less than 300bucks shows up, most people run out and buy it, meaning a lot of people at the same school end up with the same jacket. So last year, I thought, "I really want to avoid that". Sooo..Kolding didn't have a Message store and I found my jacket at the Message store in Vejle. I bought this jacket in black by mbyM, for 1300kr last year. I love the femininity of the jacket and the length. Well, a Message store opened up here in Kolding in March and this winter- guess which jacket everybody has bought from Message? THIS JACKET. Ugh. Annoyance. Seriously fucking annoying.
I'm done now.

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