søndag den 1. november 2009

Narcissist at its finest

I bought this baby a couple days ago. I love it. It's a leather bangle with relatively discrete studs on it. The only problem? I tend to wear gold a lot. I'm not sure how I feel about mixing silver and gold, but despite that, I do it. I'm unable to avoid this small clash as I'm quite fond of zipers and have a lot of clothing with zippers. And I only have one top with a zipper that isn't silver. Meh. "Luxury problems" eh?

This acessory can be yours for 200kr, bought in Message.

I have bought my two big November purchases (yeah, I know, we've barely started the month of November, haha). I've been waiting for my Samsøe sweater and jacket for what feels like forever now! And both have yet to disappoint. You know when you get something new and you don't want to wear anything else? Well, with my jacket, that's not a problem. But I might start getting weird looks if I continue wearing the same sweater everyday

Here are a few pictures of me from today, wearing my awesome sweater. The same sweater I've basically been living in for the entirety of the weekend. I apologize for the poor picture quality again, I don't know what's wrong with this uploader! I have a great camera, but for some reason, everytime I upload pictures from my personal camera (as opposed to the web), the quality is shit. Aaaahhh, frustration.
Here is another, slightly better picture of my sweater. The pictures above don't show the true colour of my winter awesomeness (a pretty neat setting on my camera). I am in love with you, Sweater!

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