torsdag den 26. november 2009

Pictures of the day..

Is it just me who is in a serious Christmas mood? I'm looking forward to the Christmas Cafe at school tomorrow. I get to wear my red Christmas cardigan with antlers. How awesome is that? I will be armed with my camera. Here are a few shots from today...

Both bangles are from bought at Message from Blond Accessories. The completely black one is of the softest leather and I just picked it up yesterday. Read below for details :)
Blue/grey scarf from London (street vendour), blazer from H&M, crazy pants by Cheap Monday, and boots from Bianco.

So Message had a sale yesterday, 40% off everything in the store. I hate how they held the sale at the end of the month where I'm obviously BROKE. Thanks a lot. But I had put two items from Message on my Christmas wishlist, so I convinced mommy to go with me and pick up the items so that they were cheaper. Plus, I got one more bracelet from Blond Accessories. If only I had had more money, I would have gone insane.

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