fredag den 6. november 2009


I absolutely adore the Danish make Blond Accessories. I've checked out the site and spotted my favourites. I even own a couple of the items already. Aaaahh, happiness. What do you think?

I own the rope necklace and the studded bracelet with just 4 tracks. Both items were picked up in Message. The necklace was 299kr and the bracelet was (as previously mentioned) 199kr. I would love to own all the other pictured bracelets :P
The items below are on the wishlist. I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up the black purse with zippers next pay check though. I am completely unable to find the Black Lily bag with studs that I want, and this would be a nice alternative. I feel I need a new everyday purse.'s only 699kr. Can't beat that :)

Gorgeous zipper purse, be mine!

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  1. Everything is very "you".

    Too bold for me to wear, because I tend not to be very bold in anything I wear... haha
    But it fits your personality and style quite well... But from all of the things you are posting and thinking of purchasing, it makes me wonder how much money you're saving for next year and living? Bahaha sorry, just a moment where I felt like being your mother ;)

    What i do like is the plain leather wallet though, at least that's what I think it is. Second from the bottom picture ;)




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