søndag den 15. november 2009

The big party

So, every year my school throws a huge party, the Dorothea party. And every year, people get dressed up (though if it were up to me, they should get even more dressed up). This year, I decided to go all-out since it's my last year at the school. And of course, I found an expensive dress (expensive considering I'm still going to school and it was a third of my monthly income).

This dress is by Gestuz for 1300kr bought at Samsøe Samsøe.
I wore these shoes with the dress. They're from Bianco with a retail price of 450kr. Though, lucky me never pays retail at Bianco, since I work there. At least there are some perks with the job!

To finish off the look, I wore a statement eyeliner on my top lid, a winged shape. I wore Chanel's Rouge Noir nailpolish and simple jewellery.

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  1. your dress was very pretty :)
    And shoe perks are always awesome. I found a new love for shoes...not as crazy as yours probably but damn shoes are expensive!



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